who is wanderlustwad?


I have always loved to travel. At about 9-years old, I remember being on a flight to Sudan with my mom and two brotheres. It was our first time back after our migration to the States. My first time on a plane was when I was five, when we were leaving Sudan. The only thing I remember from that journey is huge teardrops running down my little face. I didn't want to leave my Haboba (grandma in Arabic), or favorite Qualto (aunt) behind. As we boarded for our first time back, I was beyond excited.


I started off the journey like a regular little kid, watching movies, playing games on the screen and fidgeting in my seat. I soon started to watch the stewardesses and became very intrigued. I waited for everyone to fall asleep before I quietly snuck into the back of the plane, so as not to wake my mom specifically. I knew she would fuss at me for even considering getting out of my seat. I know, sneaky little kid, right? I made it to the back to have a "chat" with them (who did I think I was?), and as I confidently walked up to them, they all stopped talking and looked at me. 


Most kids would fear this mini-spotlight and stare blankly back or something of the sorts, but not young WanderlustWad. I stood up straight, looked all four of these beautiful Ethiopian Airlines attendants square in the eyes, and asked, "have you guys been around the whole world?" All starry-eyed and curious, I wanted to be them. My questions continued to hammer them, and they seemed amused, maybe even flattered. They laughed at how much I idolized them; I obviously knew nothing about flight attendant hardships (their hours are crazy guys, and their pay doesn't even begin to cover it!)


I somehow talked my way into being able to help them serve refreshments for a couple of rows. By the time I returned to my seat, my mother was already awake and wide-eyed looking at me with those "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?" type of eyes. I gave her a sly smile and looked up at my new flight attendant friends. They came to my rescue raving to my mother about how delightful I had been, and how I was dubbed their "little helper". My mom smiled politely, but gave me that evil mom eye


I beamed for the next 9 hours. Nothing could ruin the high I was on, not even mom's scary ass evil-eye. #WinningWanderlustWad and at only 9 years old? I was doing the damn thing! 


I was a bold little kid, and even though I realized I don't necessarily want to be a flight attendant, I have figured out what I am as of now. A traveller. An adventurer. A wanderer.


Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel


My name is Wad, and I am WanderlustWad. Thanks for joining me on my adventures as I travel around the world, learning things and experiencing...stuff? Look, all I'm sure of is that I am going on one DOPE ass adventure. In the process I'll share my encounters with wonderful people, savory foods to try sometime, give you some tips on travel and find happiness in the process. Following my dreams one step at a time to become the best version of myself possible. Watch from behind the screen or get up and join me, the choice is yours!



Happy Wandering...