Who Cares?

Have you ever had a dream? Wanted to climb a mountain? Run a marathon? Maybe rule the world? Yeah, for me that dream has always been to travel the world. Talking to many people, I have come to understand that I'm not alone in that dream. We bond over our desire to leave here, wherever that here is. 


Even if traveling isn't necessarily your dream, I hope that my blog will inspire others to go after their dreams, whatever they may be. Too often we "get stuck", when in actuality we only feel stuck. It's a mindset, and I had to break free of it. I hope that through travel, adventure and experience, I can show you that life can be what dreams are made of.


You can live the life of your dreams. You can become anyone you want to become. You can do anything you want to do. You are the sole individual creator of your destiny. You are capable. You are worthy. YOU, and not a sole other than you. 


 I am a regular person, making regular money, trying to find the cheapest (although not always easiest) way to travel. Dreams are possible if you believe they are, and if my journey can help you realize that, then how lucky am I to have the opportunity of touching you?


It's YOU who should care. Not because you love traveling (although I love all my fellow wanderers), but because you have a dream. A dream that you've wanted to live out for so long, but can't figure out how to manifest. You should care because I care about your dreams, and want them to come true just as I want my own to. 


Don't care for me, care for you and your dreams!