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Capturing love for a living shows me how multifaceted love can be. I’ve noticed that different people show love in different ways. Capturing loves shows me how I want and deserve to be treated when love does come my way. I don’t think I really know what love is. Maybe it’s finding true happiness and joy in who a person is to you. When did you truly feel loved? One time, my friend came from out of town to surprise me for my birthday. I felt loved then. Why? because of the intention, the attention, and the sacrifice. Maybe that’s what love is: the intention, attention, and sacrifice.  


I have been heartbroken. It felt like death. It felt like betrayal. It felt like grieving a unexpected loss. It felt a lot like loneliness and it honestly hurt physically. Like, I felt my chest hurt. There were lots of ups and downs in the process, but heartbreak taught me my ability to love deeply. I learned self love and what it means to heal with time. Everyone told me that “time heals all wounds”, and it seemed impossible two years ago. It seemed completely impossible, but here I am, getting to the other side of healing.

There is a song by Kelly Rowland where she says, “love lives in strange places, its the obvious that never shows. It just might find you when you least expect it, you’ll never know until you just let go.” That’s where I think you can find love...when you’re not expecting it. I think love is a beautiful thing that I hope one day finds me.