You Deserve A Vacation, Here's Why

You work hard. You break your back for the man. (Now sis, if you’re breaking your back for your man, you might need to find a new man, ok? But if your man is breaking your back...nevermind, I’ve derailed the conversation already) * Clears Throat *

YOU WORK HARD. You break your back for the man. You are on the job day in and day out. You give your all, smile when required, possibly even hold yourself back from snapping on your coworker because this job is paying your bills, and you can’t afford to not pay your bills. You compose yourself and “woosah” for the sake of keeping your apartment. You carry on.

Most people I know don’t get any paid vacation, but they do get unpaid vacation. What the f*** is that? How can I enjoy myself knowing my next check is going to be short? How will I make ends meet? All valid questions. The reality of the fact is that those with paid vacation rarely take it because they fear they will be seen as less hardworking by their employers. My response to that….BITCH WHERE? BITCH HOW? BITCH HUH?

Did yall know that Austria has required 22 days of paid vacation time and 13 paid holidays? France requires 30 paid vacation days and 1 paid holiday. New Zealand requires 20 vacation days and 10 paid holidays. This is government mandated. Here, in the US, we have ZERO. None. No required paid holidays. No required paid vacation days. I’m honestly thinking it’s time to move.

vacation time.png

Stress and burnout cost the U.S. economy over $300 billion each year. Men who do not take regular vacation are 32% more likely to die of a heart attack. Women who do not take regular vacations are 50% more at-risk of a heart attack. Y’all can have that. I’m not ready to die breaking my back for the man. I’m taking my damn vacation time.

It honestly benefits employers when they encourage their employees to take vacations. Employees who regularly go on vacations have increased production rate, increased morale and motivation. They stay longer with the organization and their productivity skyrockets which improves long-term profits for the employer. WHY AREN’T WE GETTING MORE VACATION DAYS?

How many vacation days do you get? Do you get any? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Wandering…

5 Ways to Beat Post Vacation Depression

You’re on a warm beach somewhere in the Caribbean, you see the waiter bringing you a fresh Mai Tai and you haven’t even finished the one in your hand. Damn Jean-Claude knows me so well, you say to yourself. You’re basking in the sunlight, the melanin is PAWPIN, and you fall asleep reading some trashy romantic novel you secretly love. The sea-breeze hits your nostrils ever so slightly, you smell the freshness. On this day you’re feeling that drink, goofishly smiling, cackling with your girls. Days later, you’re being slapped by reality.

life beating .jpg

Welcome to Post-Vacation Depression folks! That feeling when you have to leave paradise and Jean-Claude behind, damn, he was so good at his job though, and bring your raggedy tail back to the real world. You know the one; where your boss is asking about how far along you’ve come on the project, where Rae-Rae and all his badass kids are asking to stay with you, where your ex is trying to pop back up in your life. YIKES. Welcome my friends!

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that bad. It’s possible I’m being dramatic, but Post-Vacation Depression (PVD) is real. I may or may not be going through this as we speak (read as: I AM GOING THROUGH THIS), but I’m also a survivor of PVD. I’ve escaped reality enough times to know that coming back from adventure is the hardest part. Lucky for y’all I’ve come up with 5 ways to overcome PVD.


You were either in a different timezone, partying until the wee hours of the morning, or had the longest journey of your life (here’s mine). Maybe all of these are true, in which case, you’re more than likely going to crash the minute you see your bed. I advise that actually. Sleep. GO TO BED. Fall in love with your mattress and your comforter all over again. Just consider the time. When I come back from traveling, I usually force myself to either sleep or stay up depending on the time. If I get home at 3pm, I try to wait until at least 8pm before I go to sleep, so I start the next day fresh! On the other hand, if I get home at 3am, I’m going straight to sleep. Immediately. I will not pass go. I will not collect $200.

Do what suits you best, but make sure you are able to ease back into your regular sleep schedule as soon as possible. The sooner your sleep schedule is on track, the sooner the lethargic feeling goes away, the quicker you can go back to being yourself, and the sooner your mood swings stop. It’s inconclusive whether my mood swings ever stop, but that’s a story for a different post. The point is to get back into a healthy sleeping schedule, because Lord knows we can’t function without it.


Let’s be honest, you went on a binge. You worked your ass off to get your beach body. You were in the gym, eating healthy, drinking water, then got to the beach and said “to hell with it, I’m here! This is the body the beach got!” I STAN A CONFIDENT QWEEN. You were vacationing and living your best life, consuming all the Mai Tai’s, the oxtails, the pastries. You walked to the bar in the resort, that counts as exercise, right?

LOL sis, I feel you. If you’re trying to beat your Post-Vacation Depression you’re going to have to start by changing that trash diet of yours (I’m not judging, I’m y’all. Y’all are me. We are one.) You have to eat better to feel better. Start up on that workout routine you ditched, try adding some veggies to your meals, maybe a fruit or two. The better your body feels, the better you’ll feel about being back!


The worst part of coming back to reality is not knowing what you’re coming back to. Did Rae-Rae and his badass kids tear the house up? Do I have the most projects waiting for me at work? Are there bills that I’ve neglected? Will the damn lights even be on when I get home? Alright loves, if you’re unsure about your lights...and you were just traveling... you gotta work out your priorities. If you’re worried about the work awaiting you, I feel you. I find that it’s easiest to get back into the swing of things when I mentally prepare myself for what’s to come.

I initially try to come to terms with the fact that I am going to have an adjustment period. I go back knowing that things are not going to be butterflies and rainbows. I go back thinking realistically, considering what work I might have and how I’ll get it done. Post-Vacation Depression can be stopped if you prepare for it! Get ahead of PVD so PVD doesn't get ahead of you! (Did that sound like an STD infomercial to anyone? Just me? Ok, great.)


Consider the time you had, the people you met, the things you saw, the experience, the lessons, the undeniable joy and laughter that filled you. Carry that around with you upon return. Make it a point to feel that Jamaican sunlight no matter where you are. I’m not crazy, (debatable), I know you can’t feel the damn Jamaican sun in the dead of winter in New York. I’m asking that you carry the feeling of the Jamaican sun glazing your melanated ass skin. Carry the feeling of being surrounded by your favorite people. Carry the feeling of waking up to a sea-breeze around with you. Call it your happy place. When things get rough, remember that feeling. Remember that place. Go there often.

Rae-rae and his badass kids getting on your nerves? SSKKKKRRRTTT. Reclaim your joy. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or fun to do all the time, but it’ll be a way to stay grateful. Remember to thank your Higher Power, your Universe, your God for showing you its creations.  PVD is hard to manage, but holding that piece of light inside you makes dealing with the real world that much more bearable.


I know you’re grateful and all my love, but uhhhh when we leaving? Yeah, we need to get on that next! Your best best for escaping reality while still engaging in said reality, is to plan your escape! Where are you going? Who are you going with? If you went with a big group last vacation consider going solo on the next one, and vice-versa. Figure out your travel style (here’s a guide). Your PVD doesn’t stand a chance against the thrill of deciding where you’re heading to next! Leave the country once and you’re well equipped to go time and time again.

There’s nothing that eases the mind more than knowing that your escape is just around the corner. Don’t worry about not having the money yet, you’ll collect it, you have time. Don’t worry about not having the full plan yet, you’ll figure it out, you have time. Once you take the first couple of steps to figuring out where you’re going next, PVD is out the door making room for curiosity and excitement about the next adventure.

Ever experienced Post-Vacation Depression?

What did you do to get back into the swing of things?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Wandering…

Family Vacations: The Good, the Bad, and the DONT DO IT!

AAAHHHHHHHHH… vacations! What could be better than taking a trip with the people who fed you, burped you, raised you, and annoyed the hell out of you? (I could honestly think of a couple of things, but let’s not go there). For the past couple of years, my family and I have been routinely going on family vacations. Throughout this relaxing and simultaneously stressful time, I’ve come to consider myself an expert at surviving family vacations. As a family vacay connoisseur, I’m here to tell you all about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dealing with your loved ones.


It’s a momentous time to create memories with those you love most! You get to explore new places, bicker about what to eat, and compromise on things noone is really happy about. Oh, right, I’m supposed to leave “the bad” for the next section..right, right...moving on… Honestly, there is a lot of good that comes from spending a substantial amount of time with family. You break away from the daily stress of life and remove yourself from the “rat race” for a while. You also happen to be surrounded by people you care deeply about (no matter how often they get on your nerves). Through the hustle and bustle of life, it’s not often you get to sit down with your siblings or parents to ask how they’re doing. I’m not talking about the surface-level talks you get into during your weekly catch-ups, I’m talking about sitting down and asking “How are you?” on a deep and personal level. I’m not sure if you get to do that often, but I don’t, and family vacations give me a real opportunity to really connect. I’m forever grateful for that.


So this is the section where I can rant about the shxt we already know….there are some parts of family vacations that SUCK. It can be unbearable, but you make it through just like you made it through years of living with these people. There will be bickering, a possible fight or two (or eight), and there is almost a guarantee that your privacy will be violated. It’s basically like being a kid all over again, except instead of time-out (or a beating) you get the silent treatment and side-eyes and instead of wishing you could go outside and play, you wish you could go to a bar and drink yourself to oblivion.….same thing, right? Then there is the whole living in close quarters thing, smelling your brothers farts and dealing with their mess...not so fun. Hey, you’re going to argue with your family no matter where you are, so I’d much rather go back and forth on an island than at home, so I’m here for an argument, as long as we're in Jamaica!


What could the ugly possibly be? I mean, we’ve already been through the bad. Well, for me the ugly was seeing my mom in a bathing suit. WHO AM I KIDDING? THAT WOMAN IS A BAD MAMMAJAMMA! Truly and honestly, the ugly was coming to the realization that as we get older, finding time for one another is going to be harder and harder. It’s understanding that my parents are getting older, my little brothers aren’t so “little” anymore, and we’re each embarking on journeys of our own. The ugliest part of family vacations is the overwhelming vulnerability you migh feel (I certainly did) while you’re surrounded by people who may know you better than you know yourself. The ugly is that there is good, there is bad, but you have to take it all in because it won’t always be possible or available. Life is short, and family vacations are a great time to cherish those you love most. So no matter how bad it gets, remember that these people are your family, and that means unconditional love and support, no matter how annoying and ignorant everyone is. Except for you.