You Can Be In Asia and Europe At The Same Time

Never thought it was possible? Think again. Istanbul is the place for you my friend.

As the largest city in Turkey, this Eurasian beauty is the historical heart of the country. With mosques and churches alike, this is the epicenter of where Europe and Asia, modern and classical, East and West, meet.

Arriving early on in the day, I made sure to take a nap. From the taxi ride leaving the airport, I knew the hills would kill me otherwise. Walking down the hill is fun with a great view. Walking up is not so fun (although great exercise), but there's still a great view.  

Heading towards the Galata Bridge, I got lost. As I was trying to figure out where I was, I came across a tower with a huge line. Intrigued, I waited with the others. The thought ran across my mind to ask where the line lead to, but I suppressed my curiosity. To most this would seem foolish, to me it was an adventure. Why did I have to know where I was going? I could figure it out in due time. 

Amazed at my surroundings, and wondering what the hell I was doing standing in a random line, I continued to wait patiently. My views as I waited:

I love the picture above because it so perfectly describes Istanbul. When you think of the Middle East, the first couple thoughts might include a woman in a burka. True, as seen above. What might catch you off guard was the fact that she was on her iPhone tweeting. She was shocked that people would find it odd. The perfect mixture of culturally classical and technologically forward.

All I can say is that it was delicious. There is no better fruit than fresh fruit from a random cart on your lost adventure. Pretty much anything in a cart is a good idea. It's always well worth the risk! He was also the kindest watermelon man (the only) I have ever met. 

As the line moved forward I was getting anxious. What exactly was I waiting for? Oh yeah, I have no idea. Typical WanderlustWad.

After seeing people pull out money, I decided I had to investigate. I couldn't continue going with this flow of mine when money was involved. After talking to the amused cashier, I found out I was at Galata Tower. I paid the $10 fee and headed upwards to see what the fuss was about.

The Galata Tower was the tallest structure in Istanbul when it was built. It has a 360 view of the city and is breathtaking to say the least. As it turns out that the stars had aligned for me. I had come at golden hour, and and was able to get the most beautiful pictures. 

                     Right before the sunset on the sunny side of the 360 Panorama view

                                         Just a few minutes later on the other side

Standing in a random line paid off. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew it would be an interesting experience regardless.

Galata Tower: $10
Random Adventure: Priceless

Random adventures always pay off, always. Sure they can seem daunting, but not knowing is part of the fun. The anticipation, the waiting, the fear, it's all in the package of adventure. 

Soon after leaving the Galata Tower, I saw where I strayed off and headed towards my original goal, the Galata Bridge. Thankfully the hills were going downwards this time. 

Wandering through the streets, I couldn't get over how lovely this place was. Each street a small community of its own. Shop owners, tourists, and residents alike flooded the cobblestone walkways. It feels so homey

Steps away from my destination I grabbed a $1.50 gyro. I love it here already. I ate my gyro as I watched the rest of the sunset. All alone and extremely content. 

                                            The picture doesn't even do it justice

Walking around afterwards, fisherman waited patiently to get ahold of something, couples held hands, shops hustled and bustled right below the bridge. I wanted nothing more than to come back every single day and watch the sun ascend and descend. And so I will...until I leave that is.

All in all, it was an extremely successful first day. Stay tuned to find out where my adventures lead me tomorrow!


What random adventure did you run into? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Wandering...

How do I travel so often?

I get asked this question time and time again. There have been many to assume the likes of "oh, you must be rich" or "damn, you got it like that". The answer to all of your facetious accusations is no, or as you might understand, nah.

Now excuse me if I sound angry or bitter, but it gets to me. I don't look at your $200 sneakers and your Hermes belt with your Louis Vuitton bucket hat and tell you that you're "balling out of control". Not because these items aren't expensive, or I didn't wish I could afford things like that, but because you're most likely participating in conspicuous consumption.

Now conspicuous consumption for all of those who are wondering, is buying things (usually outside of your purchasing range) to publicly display your economic power. Now when I tell you all, I DONT GIVE A F*** (insert Haunted House meme here lol).

I'm not trying to display any type of anything to anyone. My wardrobe is very conservative (though I still try to keep it cute), and I have no shame in rocking whatever Target and sometimes even Wal-Mart have to offer me. Trying to keep up with the Jones's is the last thing on my mind. It's called having priorities people.

As we all know, I love to travel. It is literally the desire of my heart. Not being able to wander chips away at my heart, my spirit, and my very being. Because of this, I constantly make it a point to EXPLORE. To go out there and see the world and all that it has to offer. In other words, I have decidedly made traveling a priority in my life.

Let's face it, as a recent graduate of college, I make crap money. I make a decent earning, but nothing spectacular. To travel, there were sacrifices to be made.

I don't go out nearly as often as I would like, I am continuously turning down cute lunches and dinners with friends, I live at home, and my shopping habits continue to plummet. All for traveling.

So before you let me know how "balling" I am, or how simple it is for me to wander as I do, take a minute and think. Do you own at least three pairs of Jordan's, but don't have a car? Conspicuous consumption. Do you have gold fronts or bottoms and can't pay your rent? Conspicuous consumption. Are you living paycheck to paycheck, but you're always at the club popping bottles? Conspicuous consumption. 

Wanna know how I travel so often? I don't participate in conspicuous consumption. You can travel too, just make some sacrifices and you can be on your way!


Happy Wandering...