I'm a Hero/Heroine: It's Really No Big Deal (But It Is)

I'm pretty much a heroine. No, not the drug you ignorant cracks... the female hero kindNot to brag or anything, but I'm a savior, some might call me a prophet of sorts. I'm humbled, really. My humbleness comes from my hero stature. Did you catch that though? I'M A HERO. Please, save your applause. Any of you would have done it if you were in my position. It was nothing really, I just did what I had to do. Just casually hero-ing out here. No big deal. 

So how exactly am I a hero? Well, as the courageous big sister that I am, I stopped a full-on robbery from happening right before my eyes. Ok, this might be a little dramatic (but not really). Here is how I saved a life on a casual Saturday....


Heroines Need Sleep

As the heroine that I am, I needed my beauty rest. If I wasn't rested, I might not have been able to save my brother, so this part is important. I guess it would also be important to mention that about a month ago, my brother went on a solo-trip to Thailand. I told him to go to Indonesia, but he didn't listen to me. You'll soon see what happens when y'all don't listen to me. So he's off in Thailand, and I'm gaining my beauty rest, unaware that I'm about to save the world. It's early Saturday morning, and I get a call from my brother. I see it and ignore it...heroines can do that. I just figured I would call him back once I was up, alert, and aware. I never get to sleep in anymore *whining* I hate adulting.

When this man called me again, my spidey-senses started to tingle. He never calls twice unless its an emergency. I arose from my slumber ready for action, "what's wrong?!" I worriedly asked. As the gracious brother that he is, he apologized for waking me up early, I assured him it's a heroine's job to be there, not on the first, but the second call. He agreed. Formalities aside, I came to understand that my brother had been robbed in Thailand. Concerned, I asked if he was alright to which he claimed he was fine, just broke.


Heroines are Understanding

To understand how exactly my brother was robbed, you'll need to understand my brother. He's a wanderer, just like me, so he's adventurous enough. I know I'm on here giving you all tips on how to travel lightly, but this man is the epitome of a minimalist when it comes to travel. I usually venture off with a carry-on, but this man will leave the country with a backpack. Think a Jansport, a NorthFace, you know, the thing you carried throughout your 12 years of schooling. Yeah that. He literally gives no F***s. Inside he might have a pair of shoes, a couple shirts, a couple undergarments, and possibly another pair of pants...possibly. He's just out here living his best life, and I love him for it. 

So I can't necessarily tell you the details of the robbery because it's still under investigation. I'm totally lying; I barely remember the details because I was half asleep when he told me. Here's what I do recall: He was about to go on an excursion of sorts where you leave your bags with an attendant (maybe it was a water sport?). When he came back to grab his backpack (you know, the one with his whole life in it), everything seemed in order. It wasn't until he took a ferry to another island and attempted to rent a motorbike that he realized he had no money. All of his money was gone, although all of his other possessions were still in tact.

The attendants at the excursion had rummaged through his bag and stolen his money. Where was this money? Two zipper pouches deep in the bookbag. You have to unzip two zippers once you open the bookbag to actually find the money. Homies weren't playing no games. Since my brother travels like I do, with a good amount of cash, so as not to use ATM's and endure those annoying fees: he was truly broke. Attempts to use his Credit/Debit cards proved worthless as he didn't inform his bank he was travelling. 


Heroines Save the Day

Sensing concern in his voice and sensing my own concern, I jumped into HeroineWad mode. We needed a solution. He wondered whether he should just fly back to the States. He'd honestly had an interesting run on this trip (getting sick upon his arrival, little rest, and now getting robbed). It was a legitimate question, but one only he could answer. He was hungry with about $5 in his pockets. Should he use it for food? How was he going to get money? How long would that take? Where does he go from here?

He was riddled with questions and I was riddled with answers. I would send money via Western Union. I'm not sure how long it'll take, but I'll check. He should go to the closest Western Union. While trying to figure out how to use Western Union, my brother told me that he considered selling his clothes for some money. Mind you...the two shirts and possible extra pair of pants that he has packed. I laughed. He was serious. My heart grew in love for him, he's such a soldier! I advised that if push came to shove, he can always ask the hotel for a temporary job...HE ALREADY HAD. I love this guy

Meanwhile I began on my journey to understanding the Western Union process. After an hour and a half online and on the phone with customer support, I decided to just go to a brick and mortar location. Walgreens provided Western Union services, so I left my comfy house to embark on this journey. Hero. After reaching the check-out counter, I was informed that I can only use debit or cash. I lost my debit card a week ago. Off to Wells Fargo I went to get a temporary debit card. Hero. An hour later, I walked out to the ATM. Hero. The ATM told me to see a representative inside for the withdrawal, so I walked back in and stood in line. Hero. Shortly after, I made my way back to Walgreens and paid at the check-out counter. Hero. Within minutes, the money was available to my brother. Hero

The applause really isn't necessary y'all...I appreciate it though. As we can see, I've saved the day yet again. I don't do this for the fame or the recognition, I just casually enjoy saving my brother when he's in danger. Like I said, any of you (or none) would do the same if you were in my situation. It's been a pleasure to be your HeroineWad. 


When did you save someone? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Wandering...


How do I travel so often?

I get asked this question time and time again. There have been many to assume the likes of "oh, you must be rich" or "damn, you got it like that". The answer to all of your facetious accusations is no, or as you might understand, nah.

Now excuse me if I sound angry or bitter, but it gets to me. I don't look at your $200 sneakers and your Hermes belt with your Louis Vuitton bucket hat and tell you that you're "balling out of control". Not because these items aren't expensive, or I didn't wish I could afford things like that, but because you're most likely participating in conspicuous consumption.

Now conspicuous consumption for all of those who are wondering, is buying things (usually outside of your purchasing range) to publicly display your economic power. Now when I tell you all, I DONT GIVE A F*** (insert Haunted House meme here lol).

I'm not trying to display any type of anything to anyone. My wardrobe is very conservative (though I still try to keep it cute), and I have no shame in rocking whatever Target and sometimes even Wal-Mart have to offer me. Trying to keep up with the Jones's is the last thing on my mind. It's called having priorities people.

As we all know, I love to travel. It is literally the desire of my heart. Not being able to wander chips away at my heart, my spirit, and my very being. Because of this, I constantly make it a point to EXPLORE. To go out there and see the world and all that it has to offer. In other words, I have decidedly made traveling a priority in my life.

Let's face it, as a recent graduate of college, I make crap money. I make a decent earning, but nothing spectacular. To travel, there were sacrifices to be made.

I don't go out nearly as often as I would like, I am continuously turning down cute lunches and dinners with friends, I live at home, and my shopping habits continue to plummet. All for traveling.

So before you let me know how "balling" I am, or how simple it is for me to wander as I do, take a minute and think. Do you own at least three pairs of Jordan's, but don't have a car? Conspicuous consumption. Do you have gold fronts or bottoms and can't pay your rent? Conspicuous consumption. Are you living paycheck to paycheck, but you're always at the club popping bottles? Conspicuous consumption. 

Wanna know how I travel so often? I don't participate in conspicuous consumption. You can travel too, just make some sacrifices and you can be on your way!


Happy Wandering...