You Deserve A Vacation, Here's Why

You work hard. You break your back for the man. (Now sis, if you’re breaking your back for your man, you might need to find a new man, ok? But if your man is breaking your back...nevermind, I’ve derailed the conversation already) * Clears Throat *

YOU WORK HARD. You break your back for the man. You are on the job day in and day out. You give your all, smile when required, possibly even hold yourself back from snapping on your coworker because this job is paying your bills, and you can’t afford to not pay your bills. You compose yourself and “woosah” for the sake of keeping your apartment. You carry on.

Most people I know don’t get any paid vacation, but they do get unpaid vacation. What the f*** is that? How can I enjoy myself knowing my next check is going to be short? How will I make ends meet? All valid questions. The reality of the fact is that those with paid vacation rarely take it because they fear they will be seen as less hardworking by their employers. My response to that….BITCH WHERE? BITCH HOW? BITCH HUH?

Did yall know that Austria has required 22 days of paid vacation time and 13 paid holidays? France requires 30 paid vacation days and 1 paid holiday. New Zealand requires 20 vacation days and 10 paid holidays. This is government mandated. Here, in the US, we have ZERO. None. No required paid holidays. No required paid vacation days. I’m honestly thinking it’s time to move.

vacation time.png

Stress and burnout cost the U.S. economy over $300 billion each year. Men who do not take regular vacation are 32% more likely to die of a heart attack. Women who do not take regular vacations are 50% more at-risk of a heart attack. Y’all can have that. I’m not ready to die breaking my back for the man. I’m taking my damn vacation time.

It honestly benefits employers when they encourage their employees to take vacations. Employees who regularly go on vacations have increased production rate, increased morale and motivation. They stay longer with the organization and their productivity skyrockets which improves long-term profits for the employer. WHY AREN’T WE GETTING MORE VACATION DAYS?

How many vacation days do you get? Do you get any? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 MUST VISIT Spots in Paris, Besides the Eiffel Tower

Bonjour my loves! Its been a while, hasn’t it? Have no fear, WanderlustWad is back and in action! Recent travels have included Barcelona, Milan, and of course París (pear-eee). Now, as my wanderers know, this wasn’t my first time in the city of love. My first time in Paris was fun, but a bit underwhelming. Now y’all DON’T START. I can already hear y’all, “Oh, so you just been everywhere, can’t even admire Paris for the beauty it truly is.” I never said Paris wasn’t beautiful or that it didn’t have its distinct charm. I’m just saying that after watching movies where men kneeled in front of a twinkling tower to profess their love, and seeing scenes of people holding hands walking down cobblestoned streets, I didn’t expect cramped apartments and smelly subways, ok?

I romanticized Paris, as most of us probably have, and with only 12 hours to explore on my first trip, I didn’t have a chance to truly explore. So on this trip, I made sure that I got a chance to see what the city had to offer, and boy did I find some gems. Besides going to the Eiffel Tower AT NIGHT (do not go during the daytime, it’s just an average triangle building then, but it transforms into this amazing twinkling wonder in the nighttime), here are the two places you have to visit on your Parisian adventure.

Le Comptoire Général

Photo Credit: Yelp

Photo Credit: Yelp

This barn turned bar, hidden behind a block of houses, will blow your mind. If you are into art, African culture, eclectic spaces, good drinks, and a good time, this is the place for you. Walk into a floor-to-ceiling red velvet hallway adorned with paintings of African royalty framed in gold. HOW’S THAT FOR SETTING THE DAMN SCENE? Your girl was floored. This shabby-chic bar has colonial style, stylish chandeliers, and a hipster vibe. No two seating areas are alike, and you’ll be lucky if you even get a seat. This place fills up fast, especially on the weekends. Get ready to dance to some afro-beats, throwback 90s jams, and a couple tunes you’re unsure of while sipping on an African-inspired drink. ♪♪♪Take me there, I wanna go there ♪♪♪
Check out Comptoire Général here.

La Bellevilloise

Photo Credit: La Bellevilloise website

Photo Credit: La Bellevilloise website

So Google says this place is an “arts & cultural centre for exhibitions, film screenings, concerts & events, with a bright cafe.” I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. I didn’t go for any sort of art exhibit or film screening, so I can’t speak on that. You know what I can speak on? The perfect jazz brunch hosted at the Halle Aux Oliviers in this beautiful art gallery. The brunch is a full service buffet with a colorful array of fresh food and deliciously fresh squeezed juices in yet another eclectic atmosphere all while you’re serenaded by a lovely jazz band. I imagine this is where one might find a Sugar Daddy. Imagine linen suits, fedoras, pocket squares, beards. The damn beards. Did I mention all the B E A R D S. This is where your suave and sexy gather to munch and brunch. Super trendy with lovely wooden seats, vintage couches, a skylight, and loads of greenery.
Check out La Bellevilloise here.

So while you’re in Paris, or when you finally decide to book that trip, make sure you check out these dope places! If you love an eccentric, eclectic, vintage, hipster place with loads of different people, beard papís, and stylish decorations, these are your MUST VISIT locations.

What cities have you dismissed, but surprised you when you actually explored them? Let me know in the comments below!

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