Family Vacations: The Good, the Bad, and the DONT DO IT!

AAAHHHHHHHHH… vacations! What could be better than taking a trip with the people who fed you, burped you, raised you, and annoyed the hell out of you? (I could honestly think of a couple of things, but let’s not go there). For the past couple of years, my family and I have been routinely going on family vacations. Throughout this relaxing and simultaneously stressful time, I’ve come to consider myself an expert at surviving family vacations. As a family vacay connoisseur, I’m here to tell you all about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dealing with your loved ones.


It’s a momentous time to create memories with those you love most! You get to explore new places, bicker about what to eat, and compromise on things noone is really happy about. Oh, right, I’m supposed to leave “the bad” for the next section..right, right...moving on… Honestly, there is a lot of good that comes from spending a substantial amount of time with family. You break away from the daily stress of life and remove yourself from the “rat race” for a while. You also happen to be surrounded by people you care deeply about (no matter how often they get on your nerves). Through the hustle and bustle of life, it’s not often you get to sit down with your siblings or parents to ask how they’re doing. I’m not talking about the surface-level talks you get into during your weekly catch-ups, I’m talking about sitting down and asking “How are you?” on a deep and personal level. I’m not sure if you get to do that often, but I don’t, and family vacations give me a real opportunity to really connect. I’m forever grateful for that.


So this is the section where I can rant about the shxt we already know….there are some parts of family vacations that SUCK. It can be unbearable, but you make it through just like you made it through years of living with these people. There will be bickering, a possible fight or two (or eight), and there is almost a guarantee that your privacy will be violated. It’s basically like being a kid all over again, except instead of time-out (or a beating) you get the silent treatment and side-eyes and instead of wishing you could go outside and play, you wish you could go to a bar and drink yourself to oblivion.….same thing, right? Then there is the whole living in close quarters thing, smelling your brothers farts and dealing with their mess...not so fun. Hey, you’re going to argue with your family no matter where you are, so I’d much rather go back and forth on an island than at home, so I’m here for an argument, as long as we're in Jamaica!


What could the ugly possibly be? I mean, we’ve already been through the bad. Well, for me the ugly was seeing my mom in a bathing suit. WHO AM I KIDDING? THAT WOMAN IS A BAD MAMMAJAMMA! Truly and honestly, the ugly was coming to the realization that as we get older, finding time for one another is going to be harder and harder. It’s understanding that my parents are getting older, my little brothers aren’t so “little” anymore, and we’re each embarking on journeys of our own. The ugliest part of family vacations is the overwhelming vulnerability you migh feel (I certainly did) while you’re surrounded by people who may know you better than you know yourself. The ugly is that there is good, there is bad, but you have to take it all in because it won’t always be possible or available. Life is short, and family vacations are a great time to cherish those you love most. So no matter how bad it gets, remember that these people are your family, and that means unconditional love and support, no matter how annoying and ignorant everyone is. Except for you.