How to Plan a Trip with People Who Suck at Planning

I’m assuming you’ve clicked this link because, like me, you’ve also experienced putting together an excursion with people who aint shit. Don’t get me wrong, we love these people, we want to spend time with these people, and most importantly, we want to travel with these people! You know! Do something unique! Something out of the ordinary for a change! Expose ourselves to adventure! Let these thoughts ruminate. Ahhhhh paradise


NOW WAKE THE HELL UP! This is not a drill! SOS, 911, all of that. This is a state of emergency, because you are realizing that these lovely people, although babbling about venturing off, have no skills when it comes to putting together the plan that will get y’all there. In a perfect world, I would think that responsibilities are divvied up, tasks assigned, and trips seamlessly booked. In the reality I live in, I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure that everyone has this (passport), that (visa), and the third (some damn sense).


So, what’s the solution to planning a trip with people who suck at planning? Well….DON’T. It’s really simple. If you’re attempting to go somewhere with people who are not putting forth effort, maybe just don’t go with those people. Maybe find new people. Maybe find new people who will put forth effort. Maybe find new people who will put forth effort and appreciate your effort in the process. Maybe find new people who will put forth effort and appreciate your effort in the process and who won't drive you crazy! Yeaaaahhhhh….maybe that! That’s possible solution number one.


Possible solution number two takes a little more effort. If you’ve come down to read this, more likely than not, you’re pressed to go with these people. Maybe it’s your boyfriend who can’t get his shit together or maybe it’s your best friend who “never has time” to assist in the planning. Well...all yall “aint got my shit together” “aint got time to plan” heauxs, listen up! If you want to go on this trip, then you damn sure aren’t about to have me do all the work. Get your shit together or get lost, find some time because you’re not going to waste mine (aaayyyy that rhyme pattern though.. Trademark of WanderlustWad, All Rights Reserved).


Moving forward, if you’re hell-bent on taking these people, making this trip, and exploring with the “aint shits” as I’ll refer to them from now on, the first thing you’ll need to do is TAKE CHARGE. You’ll have to come to the understanding that the “aint shits” aren’t going to do much without a Commander in Chief! A President! A Leader! They need you. And since it’s become evident that you need them too, go ahead and assume that role. Understand that with great power comes great responsibility, and most of that responsibility is going to be annoying as hell. Hey, you signed up for this, not me.


Once you assume your position, you’ll be the one assigning tasks. “Aint shit number one, you’ll be finding us a place to stay for these dates.” “Aint shit number two, you’ll be researching activities for our stay.” Give them a due date on their assigned work and follow up with them regularly. If that means weekly, daily, hourly...whatever works best for you. Don’t give them too much time to lollygag because you know they will. You have to be on them!


Pro tip: Pick up a burner phone because the aint shits will start to ignore your phone calls and texts


Once you assume your position, assign tasks, and follow up with your aint shits, you’ll be well on your way to planning a trip to people who suck at planning. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? They’ll block you, make excuses for not doing the work, and you’ll end up on this trip alone. They are the “aint shits” after all.


Happy Wandering...