The Time I Met God

"When we go out there, put your head on my shoulders!" I looked at him eyes wide, then down at my hands...they were shaking. He gave me a thumbs up. You idiot, what are you doing? Who told you to do this? Trying to hold back vomit, I managed to whisper "ok" and muster a smile. He hooked his harness to mine and began the countdown "4..." Oh pleaseeee God no! "3...Wait...wait a minute...hold on!! "2....Just give me a second! I'm not ready!!! "1...HOOMMAAAHGGAAHHDD!!!!

And just like that I was jumping out of an airplane 10,000 feet in the air. For a second, I forgot to breathe. The stranger latched to my back yelled out "WOOOOOOHHH" just in time for me to realize that I wasn't dreaming, I was really free falling...from 10,00 feet in the air...with nothing attached to me except a white man...sounds legit

Once he pulled the parachute, I flailed around a bit before settling into my harness. The view....breathtaking. This is where I met God. Reflecting in his image, I asked all the important know the ones. The ones you dare not say out loud, but constantly ask yourself. Where should I be right now? What am I doing with my life? Is he the right one? 

Cruising at 7,000 feet in the air gives me some sort of privilege. In a literal sense, I'm closer to God, so I'm sure He can hear me better. On another level though, I also just feel closer to Him. It's something about facing fears that feels enlightening or even spiritual. It's like you came, you looked danger in the face, and you trusted God to have your back. Lo and behold, HE DID! He had my back as I jumped out of that plane, off of that bridge, or into that ocean. It was at these moments that I felt closest to Him.

People always ask me whether I'm crazy, an adrenaline junkie, or searching for death. My response is that I'm searching for God, just on my terms. Because at the face of danger is where I have the best conversations with God, where I find the answers to the hard questions, and where I find perspective. My advice? DO EVERYTHING THAT SCARES YOU!


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