Which 1 of these 5 Travel Types are You?

You remember my article about group travel? (No? Check it out!) I outlined the do's and dont's of group travel, and the importance of making sure you have a similar (or at least bearable) travel style as those you're adventuring with! Also, it's just nice to know what kind of person you are when you travel. Check out the descriptions for each of these travel styles and self-actualize! Get to know yourself below...

1. Cameron the Cultural Connoisseur 

"That art museum looks cool! Let's go check it out!" Cultural connoisseurs love to learn, especially about the culture they're attempting to immerse themselves in. Always down to wander into the closest temples, synagogues, or mosques, these individuals might be interested in history. A lot of foodies tend to be cultural connoisseurs as they leave behind their home environment in a desire to become a part of the culture they visit-and a part of joining any culture means diving into all sorts of food, music, and dress. Rest assured that this individual will be checking you on your shit throughout your travels, ensuring you're using the right language, terms, and customs of the country. As the culturally sensitive one of the group, they will constantly check themselves and those around them to refrain from cultural appropriation. This person is usually very knowledgeable, might listen to Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu, or Kendrick Lamar and consider themselves "woke"

Note: This person is not a culture vulture nor do they participate in cultural appropriation


2. Aisha the Adventurer

"It's Victoria Falls, we have to bungee jump!" Sound familiar? Your crazy friend who wants to jump out of airplanes, off of cliffs and bridges might be the adventurer of the group. This individual is always searching for an adrenaline rush. Something dangerous to get their blood going (and yours) always seems like the perfect idea. Their idea of a good time involves running with bulls, cliff diving, bungee jumping, sky diving....take your pick. These individuals laugh in the face of danger, and are naturally curious beings. They want to test limits and see how far they can go before something bad truly happens. "What are the chances of that?" might be a common saying among adventurers. This person loves to live life on the edge (literally and figuratively) and tends to have high energy. Adventurers tend to make friends easily and are likable in nature. They might describe themselves as "carefree" and their curious nature will probably get you in some sort of trouble (or fun) by the end of the trip.


3. Pam the Partier

"Ok, I just need a drink first." The partier is always down for a...you guessed it, party. They are looking for the closest bar to shake their tail feather at. They might be looking for love in all the wrong places, and usually find happiness at the bottom of a bottle of Jack or a glass of Rum and Coke. Since they are usually partying all night, they tend to sleep the days away. Don't ask this friend about daytime activities, they are not here for it. Find them a concert, a club, a bar and watch them come to life. Partiers know all the best music, know how to make the best drinks, and find the coolest spots to hang at nighttime. They are usually very well connected and come across a promoter, a club owner or a party friend wherever they are. Even in foreign countries, they are able to get you into VIP without much hassle (or money), find the hottest parties, and help you back it up against that cute guy or gal in the corner. They are essential, but steer clear of their drunken tirades and afternoon hangovers-not their best moments. 


4. Liam the Lounger

"Imma just chill." Loungers want to chill all day. The best part of their day is laying in bed, reading a book, taking a nice leisurely swim or something of the sorts. This traveler just wants to relax, their experience is one large vacation. This individual might like to blow down some green, wants peace and serenity at all times, and is easily uncomfortable when it comes to confrontation or imbalance. Possibly in tune with their chakras, possibly a lazy slob, loungers don't want to do much when travelling. They are quite fine sipping a pina colada on a beach, getting a massage, or getting into their newest novel from the point of arrival until departure. Don't talk too much to the lounger, they might want to hear about your adventure, but definitely not your drama. They came to relax, and anything disrupting that quiet time is not welcome into their sphere. Loungers might love long walks on the beach, romance, and flower petal filled hot-tubs......low-key they might be on a baecation. Let them live their best life. 


5. Collabo Chloe

"I want it ALL." Collabos are the most well-rounded of the travel types. They may be down to hit the club tonight, but wake up early to catch a museum opening before going to cliff-dive. Collabos are not just one type, but they embody two or more of the travel styles listed above. Collabos probably know themselves well and can gauge what they need at what time. When they're feeling drained, they might decide to get the massage, sip the pina colada, and read the Nicholas Sparks book. Collabos might want to go to a party right after coming back from the X-sports park, they are not limited. These individuals might be the most self actualized as they know that they need to tap into more than one aspect of themselves to get the most out of their travel experience. 

Note: Most of you are going to want to say that you're collabos, but not all of you are...so go ahead and be real with yourself...and me.


Are you really Collabo Chloe? If so, what are you a collabo of? If not, what's your travel style? Let me know if the comments below!


Happy Wandering....