The BadAss Who Dodged Airport Security

What's the worst part of going to the airport? AIRPORT SECURITY. You have to wait, and wait....and then wait some more. You finally get to the security belt and realize you have to strip naked in front of strangers. No Coats! No Shoes! No Belts! No Wallets! No Spare Change! For goodness sakes, if you want to see me naked just ask! We don't need to go through these formalities. 

Well one badass found a way to dodge airport security. Who was this wonderful woman? ME! Twas I. I am the badass. So, I'm sure you have many questions as to how I made this possible, hoping that one day, you too, could become a badass like me. Well, let me tell you, it's not easy. Also kids, don't try this at home, it's dangerous. But you know, badasses like me don't fear danger.


I was in Sudan waiting at Gate 2 to board the plane. As they started calling up groups to board, I realized that I didn't have my iPod. I had a 4 hour flight to Turkey and an 8 hour layover before taking a 10 hour flight back to Washington, D.C. How was I going to survive without any music? I couldn't! There was no way. It was impossible. My iPod was at my aunts house, and she lived 10 minutes away from the airport. "I CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN", I thought to myself. I called my cousin who initially dropped me off and begged him to find my iPod and bring it to the airport.

The way the main airport in Sudan works is that unless you're actually flying out, you aren't allowed to go inside. Consequently, there is a mob of people standing outside the airport wishing their loved ones farewell. I was concerned about time, but when my cousin texted me minutes later saying he found the iPod and that he was on the way to the airport, I knew I had a chance to save myself from complete and utter boredom. All I had to do was find a way to run from Gate 2 to the entrance of the airport and back without getting stopped in about 2 minutes. 

The announcements called for group 4 to board the plane. Group 4 was the last to board this flight, and I was on group 4. Simultaneously, my cousin was outside waiting for me. The time was now or never. I had a decision to make, and I decided to choose the iPod. I was literally willing to risk missing this flight back to the United States for my iPod. Could you all last 22 hours with no form of entertainment? I didn't think so. This decision was justified. 

I picked up my bag and booked it! I ran through security, customs, and ticketing, stopping for no one. The security guard began to chase me at one point, but gave up once I reached customs, probably assuming someone down the line would catch me (welcome to Sudan). As I reached the entrance door, I saw my cousin reaching for me with an iPod in hand. I grabbed it, pivoted, and turned around to race back to Gate 2. On the way there, I held my hands up in victory, waving my prized possession at the customs official, at the security guard, and at the empty lobby at Gate 2. 

On that day, I was the last person to board the plane, but the first person to run through security, customs, and ticketing without officially getting stopped. As I sat in my chair, sweaty, tired, and victorious, I fell into a deep slumber. The running wore me out! I'm in no shape to be running like that! 

I woke up in Turkey 4 hours later with iPod in hand and headphones missing. Life is funny that way. The moral of the story is, be a badass, you actually might get away with it. Just remember that life is also a circle, so it always catches up with you!

What badass things have you done? Did you get away with it? Did life catch up with you? Let me know in the comments below! And as always..


Happy Wandering...