" I Gotta Get Out Of Here! " : The WanderlustWad Chronicles

I. NEED. TO. LEAVE. THIS. PLACE. Ever felt the need to escape? Yeah, that feeling sums up my life for the past 2 weeks or so.

I remember the moment the feeling started. I was lollygagging around my room, watching Orange is the New Black, when I received a text message from a fellow Wanderer.

The text message read: "I'm literally at the airport looking at flights to hop on..."

A buzz ran over me, I couldn't focus on Piper and her now seemingly idiotic prison problems. I stared blankly at the television, but my mind moved a million miles a minute. I had developed a routine, and looking for random flights to hop on was not a part of it. My wanderlust spirit grew and lingered.

The next day, my daily routine was in action yet again: Wake up, shower, work, home, tv, sleep. Every now and again it got some excitement with a forced "gym" or "meet up with _________", but it was a pretty steady schedule. The slow realization that I had grown complacent in my post-travel life was horrifically daunting.

I asked myself the following:

"When did complacency become ok?" "What are you doing?" "Are you happy here?" "Is this really where you want to be" "Why are you not out there traveling right now?" "What's your plan?" "What is sitting in front of this television doing for you?" "Who is going to make this happen for you?"

The answers I gave myself:

"Holy crap, you need to get your life together NOW"


You know, basic life crisis type of moment.


My goal is to travel for a living. I want to skydive in Dubai, ride camels in Morocco, and hop on a hot air balloon in Turkey. What I don't want to be doing is staring blankly at a television screen as the days pass me by. Days where I could be working towards finding a new destination, a cheap flight, and my next adventure.  

Everyone gets distracted every once in a while, but each day is a new chance to make something happen. On expandinglifestyles.com, I learned that small steps each day can make huge progress over time. I have real goals, ones worth living for, and ones I am not so easily going to give up on because of Piper's terribly interesting life. I don't get to lollygag for weeks on end watching and perusing and basically bullshitting expecting for all my dreams to come true.

I am the only one who can make my dreams come true. I am the only individual that can dictate my life, and I choose a life of wandering. A life where I always want to "get out of here", wherever that "here" is. Because there is always a new adventure awaiting, a secret hole-in-the-wall yearning to be discovered, and amazing people ready to blow your mind.

The fact that I feel like this means that I am one step closer to my next destination. I am ready to wander and I am ready to get lost. Also...what the hell else are you supposed to do at 22?

A true wanderlust spirit.

Let me know where you "gotta get out of" in the comments below


Happy Wandering...


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