Things You'll Forget While Wandering

When you're about to head on an adventure there are usually things that never cross your mind. These things while pertinent, will unfortunately evade you in the rush of filling empty suitcases with heaps of clothing.

1. How tired you'll be once you reach your destination! No matter how short of a trip, you will underestimate how drained your body will be once you arrive. I do this ALL the time. Pack the day with things im "going to do" only to wake up to eye crusties and slob on the pillow and realize it's 2pm. Give yourself a break! Those airplane rides are no joke man! Unless you're riding first class, you'll need some time to decompress.

2. Budgeting money for getting to and from the airport! This may seem insignificant but let me tell you! Airplanes are big, needing large plots of space to take off and land. This means that it will take a while to get to the airport. At EVERY airport in the world, the taxis are more expensive than regular. Mainly because they can be and they seemingly know you're stuck without them. Also, it's the freaking airport where McDonalds cost about $7 for a sandwich alone. Your best bets are to try to set up arrangements before you land, figure out Uber, or the metro system. My all time favorite is having the hostel/hotel you're staying at pick you up. (A lot of times it's complimentary!) How awesome to come off the plane and have a handsome gentlemen holding a sign with your name on it. Swoons. Feeling like a VIP for $15 a night? BAWS!

3. Tipping! Make sure that you are aware of the tipping culture any and everywhere you go! I once tipped a guy in New Jersey $5 for pumping my gas...I'm obviously the only idiot who didn't know about the most amazing law in this land. He was shocked, but proceeded to take my bill. Whatever, he was nice enough...good deed of that day was accomplished. But really! Know what percentage is proper wherever you're going so you're not the A-hole in the bar/restaurant/taxi. Some places don't tip at all, while others view it as all the cash that you can. If you don't budget for it, it WILL make a difference my friends! (once again, I speak from EXPERIENCE)

4. Carry-on items! This will include everything from a sweater to Advil...make sure you have anything and everything you'll need or possibly need! Keep an eye out for a post I'll be making with a detailed list on what exactly these things are! The key is to pack for everything that will and might happen, just to be safe.

5. YOUR PASSPORT! (If you're flying internationally). I honestly don't remember how many times I have had to turn around after being on the road to the airport. It's pathetic really, but when I'm trying to figure out which scarf would look best with my Parisian outfits, these small details evade me! I mustn't be blamed here. Make sure you have ALL your proper documents because you'll be going nowhere without them!

Traveling always catches me rushing to do something . In the rush of things I'm always bound to forget one, if not more, necessities. Hopefully this list helps you stay on top of your game! As I'm obviously not always on top of mine, but I'm working on it! Cut me a break here!
Let me know what you always forget in the comments below!



Happy Wandering...