Long Travels: How to Cope and Arrive at your Destination Sane

So you're about to endeavor on the longest plane ride of your life and you need to know how to cope? Let me help.

I have literally been traveling for 3 days. 7 hour bus ride to Philly on Monday, 2 hour bus ride to New York, 7 hour flight to Paris on Tuesday, 12 hour layover in Paris, 8 hour flight to Abu Dhabi, 3 hour layover in Abu Dhabi, 9 hour flight to Johannesburg, 2 hour layover, and finally a 2 hour flight to Cape Town. I WAS DRAINED.


But needless to say I came up with some hacks as to help you survive your grueling travels!


1. Bring a book

You can catch up on what you've been meaning to read for the past however long and evade the weirdo next to you who keeps trying to strike a conversation


2. Bring some music 

You can rock out to your favorite jams as passengers look on, envious of your confidently horrid dance moves


3. Download some movies 

The ones on the plane sometimes aren't that great, or if you love movies, or travel a lot, you've probably seen them all. Surprisingly not all airlines have personal entertainment systems when you fly international, *cough, cough* American Airlines! What the hell guys!


4.Bring some Melatonin 

It will help you sleep! The term sleeping pill scares me, so melatonin was the cure! It's a dietary supplement that helps with your sleep cycle (or so I've been told). Anyways be sure to bring that neck pillow and to keep your mouth shut when you're dosing off (mine somehow always ends up open)


5. Conversation

You've gotten to that point? Go ahead and strike up that conversation with the weirdo next to you...he probably works in IT and will be a good connect at some point in time anyways


6. Drinks

If you don't already know, alcoholic beverages are free on most international flights. What you do with that information is up to you! #turnup



7. Pictures

When all else fails take pictures with your flight attendant



1. Don't channel your inner Annie Walker from Bridesmaids

2. Don't get TOO into your convo with IT guy, he probably won't leave you alone...like ever

3. Once again, keep that mouth shut when you're sleep, or someone will take a pic of you and post it somewhere where you'll forever be embarrassed *hides in shame*

4. When the baby on the plane starts yelling at the top of their lungs please make sure to contain yourself...channel your inner Buddha

5. None of these things will keep you from being bored out of your mind at one point in time or another


Happy Wandering...